Fosroc Conbextra GP1 - Non-shrink, general purpose grout
Product code:
  • Sonee Hardware Professional

Non-shrink, free flow, general purpose cementitious grout


Conbextra GPI is used for effective support beneath loadbearing units especially where static and operational loadsapply. Also as an efficient medium for transferring alloperational loads to the foundation.

For free flow grouting of machine base plates, crane andtransporter rails, standing equipment bed plates, stanchionbases, steel rolling mill beds, pump sets etc.


  • Non-shrink - Will continue to occupy the filled space without shrinkage. Continues to provide support to thebearing areas and dampens vibration.
  • Free flow - Ensures high level of contact with load bearingarea. Also helps complete filling without voids. No needfor external aids like rodding, poking, chaining etc.
  • Pre-packed and factory controlled - Consistency andreliability ensured. Site batching and blending variations eliminated.
  • Iron free - No chance of deterioration by uncontrolled rust expansion, corrosion and staining of grout.
  • Chloride free - Does not cause corrosion of machine parts,anchor bolts etc., in contact with grout.